tisdagen den 27:e oktober 2009


I´ve had some shorter and longer realtions with girls and in the end it has always been a problem with my fetish. In the beginning, everything is fine and my partner says yes to me and my needs in sexual ways.
As I explained before, I need to have clothes in some way or I don´t get satisfaction. Ok, some of you may say that I´m selfish and similar but I can´t change who I am! Take it or leave it, if you can´t stand that I´m a fetishist then it´s not worth it.
In one of my longer relations my partner tried to make me change my sexuality. It had the consequences that I held my fetish back and in the end it all exploded.
During the Franco-time in Spain people wern´t aload to speak their own languages and after the dictatorship had fallen many people in Spain only speaks their languages and not want to speak castellano at all. I think of that and refer that to my fetish.

lördagen den 2:e maj 2009

The collar

What about the collar? I mean: What is it about the polo collar compare to a regular shirt collar? For me, the regular shirt collar is really sexy as well but if I really have to choose I prefer the polo collar. It´s in its shape, how it looks both down and flipped up. Compare to other collars the polo collar is more flexible and instead of a hard shirt collar you can flip the polo collar just in the neck for example. And of course it´s in its fabric: the combed collar is so much sexier to touch and also to wear yourself. When I wear a polo with popped collar and my partner tickles my neck over the collar it really sends electric shocks down my spine.

torsdagen den 30:e april 2009

How come

How come that me and others are so fascinated of polo-shirts prefered with the collar flipped up? I have wondered about it so many times.
When I see an individual with a polo-shirt and she or he has a popped collar I think that it lies most in how the collar hides the most sexy part of the body; the neck, and how exciting and sexy that makes it.
I also believe in how, especially a white collar reflects the face of the owner of the shirt.
I discovered with myself that when I wear a shirt I find it so sexy to feel the fabric against my bare body and when I flip up my collar it tickles my neck in a very satisfaction kind of way. When me or my partner touches the shirt especially over my nipples it feels so much more than if I didn´t wear any clothes.

onsdagen den 29:e april 2009

Where does it come from

People that I have opened myself to and told about my fetish often asks where it comes from.
I don´t have a straight answer to that because my fetish have always been there as long as I can remember. Though it evolved through my puberty I have memories from my early years as a child where I had a fascination for clothes, especially polo-shirts.
When I grew up during the eighties it was very common with polo-shirts with a popped collar from under a sweater. Of course that had an effect on me and how my fetish evolved. I mean if I hade grown up during the sixties I probably would have had a fetish for some other clothes.

But still, to me it doesn´t matter where it comes from. I´m a fetishist and that´s who I am. I don´t think that gay people, fetishists, masochists, sadists or other sexual preferences need to explain why they have their preferences.

tisdagen den 28:e april 2009

My definition of fetish

What do you think when you hear or read the word fetish or fetishist?
My definition is if you are a fetishist you need the object in any sexual event.
You can´t have any bodypart as a fetish because it´s defined as a sexual object already.
In my case I have a fetish espesially for polo-shirts.
Do you define a polo-shirt as a sexual object?
I guess the answer is no and that´s why it is a fetish for me because to me it has a sexual purpose. I need to have a polo-shirt or something like it to have sexual satisfaction: I need to see my partner dressed in a polo or I need to wear it myself or I need to fantasize about it.
That´s why I´m a fetishist because I can´t be without the object when I have sex, with someone else or with myself.

First time

Finally, I´ve started this blog about my fetish.
Popped collars, especially polo collars.
Hope you´ll like it. I hope I´ll write here regular.